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COVID-19 Testing in Schools

Advocacy & Policy:

NYSPHA Advocacy Guide


NYSPHA E-cigarettes Report and Policy Recommendations

NYSPHA ENDS Policy Report

Action strategies and low- & no-cost policies

Obesity advocacy information found

Up to date information about SSBs (including facts, advocacy tools, and how to take action)

Information about healthy fundraising

Information about Food Marketing, including research, policy, and advocacy

A great resource for encouraging social change 

Walden University - A Vision for Social Change

The New York State Association of County Health Officials (NYSACHO) has launched a new website This site contains information on making healthier choices in the beverages that we consume, with a focus on the adult population, information on increasing the availability of healthy beverages in vending machines in the workplace and provides information on projects of four local health departments that were funded by the New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Community Chronic Disease Prevention, through NYSACHO.  We hope that the section on “Lessons Learned” helps your efforts to make changes in your own workplace beverage vending machines.


Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Use and Dependence

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Resources

Resources to Address Alcoholism

U.S. Surgeon General Reports

National Institute on Drug Abuse:  Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment - A Research-Based Guide

New York State Department of Health - Tobacco Control Program

Consumer information and Resources by the NYS Tobacco Free Community Partners

Tobacco Cessation Resources from the Center for Health Programs and Promotion

Substance Abuse - Treatment Rehabilitation Centers in New York State

Educational Resources - Substance Abuse Treatment

Data, Tools, Trainings, and Public Health Contacts

APHA state affiliates

ExpectNY - information about quality measures and other factors that affect maternity and newborn care

Free Mesothelioma Guide

Mesothelioma information on clinical trials, community groups, and other resources for patients 

Information on Asbestos and Mesothelioma for patients and public health professionals 

Free online public health trainings

Free resources including lesson plants, blogs, grant finder, and more 

Free resources from the Mental Health Association in New York State

Morbidity and mortality statistics for your area 

Local health department contact information

US Climate and Health Alliance - Free Tools


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