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Welcome to the New York State Public Health Association's Policy and Advocacy Page. We appreciate your interest in health policy and hope that  you will join us as we strive to make New York State the healthiest state in the country. NYSPHA's policy and advocacy agenda is developed and led by the Policy and Advocacy Committee (PAC).  For more information or to get involved contact advocacy@nyspha.org.


The NYSPHA Policy and Advocacy Committee (PAC) is developing a series of NYSPHA Statements of Policy.  Modeled after the American Public Health Association policy statements, they lay out NYSPHA's position on the leading public health issues of the day and are used by the PAC as the basis for determining its advocacy priorities each year.

To read NYSPHA Statements of Policy, click here. 

What We're Doing

See how we're working towards a healthier New York in our 2021 State Budgetary and Legislative Goals!

2022 Budgetary and Legislative Goals

Get Involved! 

Find ways to be an advocate in you community.


Advocacy Resource Guide

What We've Done

See what NYSPHA and its members have advocated for and accomplished in the past 

Previous Years' NYSPHA PAC Priorities

To read about New York State and Federal Policy, Advocacy Actions and Alerts, click here

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