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Communications and Membership Committee


The Communications and Membership Committee will work to establish effective information sharing processes with NYSPHA members, partners, supporters and prospective members.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Committee

- Meet at a minimum of 6 times per year (via conference call and/or virtually/email)

- Develop association-wide comprehensive communication strategies (such as letter campaigns, social media campaigns and advertisements, promotions/special offers, email campaigns, etc.).

- Work in close cooperation with the other committees of NYSPHA (Policy and Advocacy Committee, and Events Planning and Education Committee) to help craft, streamline and implement a variety of association communications (including but not limited to: web copy, print resources, social media content, letters to the editor / additional media relations, etc.)

- Foster creative ideas and explore new avenues to increase public awareness about NYSPHA, retain and continuously grow membership

We're continually seeking volunteers  for this committee - the ideal committee member candidate:

- Must be an active member of NYSPHA in good standing

- Has professional experience or an interest in one or more of the following:  marketing, communications, public relations, social media  (we welcome any NYSPHA member to volunteer for this up and coming committee, though we think some prior experience in any of these skills may be helpful!)

- Has the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others (NYSPHA staff, Executive Board and Interns) through cross-communication and prioritization

The benefits that you will reap from joining this committee include the opportunity for professional and personal development in this area, an opportunity to learn a lot about NYSPHA and communication strategy, and to be part of a core team that assists with the continued rapid growth of our organization... These, and all of the value-added member benefits you can take full advantage of as a NYSPHA member.


If you are interested in volunteering as a member of NYSPHA's Communications and Membership Committee, please email Jennifer Speenburgh at jennifer@nyspha.org .  

Thank you in advance for your commitment to public health and the continued growth of our organization!

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